• The board is divided into an outer and inner level (the latter is called the Femdom Minefield). Goal is to reach the centre of the inner level. Which is not easy, because there’s only 1 entry point (the box with the green traffic light). The token has to land exactly on the traffic light box. If not, the slave has to go round the outer level again and have another try.
  • Things within the Femdom Minefield intensify. The slave is nearly off the hook, so this is perhaps the last chance for a bit of suffering. There are two dangerous Femdom traps inside this Minefield, which can blow his hopes to smithereens and take him back to the outer level. The token has to land exactly on the Game Over box, in order to complete the game. If not, the slave has to go round the Minefield again and have another try.
  • The original file is 17,1 MB. The actual footprint of the board is 50 x 50 centimeters (5906 x 5906 pixels). Drop me a line if you want a free copy of the original file. 

(here’s a small version of the actual footprint)