Lezdom Bondage

Male slaves on Femdom sites are a necessary evil. They hardly say anything and when they do open their mouths you wished they didn’t. A male slave doesn’t have to look handsome  (the fatter the better one might say), his purpose in life is to be pathetic. He’s an extra in the greater scheme of things and a brainless object at best. That’s why men in bondage sites (except Men In Bondage) are far and few between. Sure, bondage is embedded in almost all Femdom sites, but it’s not a specific niche. The Lezdom world on the other hand is littered with ropes, cuffs and tapes. It’s a Garden of Eden for bondage lovers. It makes sense, doesn’t it. A Woman in bondage looks beautiful, a man in bondage looks like a rolled roast. So I’m very grateful that bondage in the Lezdom community is so popular. Time for a sex change, I guess 😋