I’m going to hibernate for a couple of weeks. So it’s Holy Shit, Silent Shit down here. Hope to be back again next year.




  1. Jacco

    Well… all I can say is, have a good break & see you in 2017… Wow… I wonder what elements & aspects of Femdom will arise in next year’s FT. And what treats & joys may present themselves in the big bad world out there! =)

    See you in the ’17!
    🙂 Jacco

  2. Wakey wakey! That’s enough hibernation time for now – we need you back!

    You choose the pictures with such care, unlike many bloggers who just seem to post everything that comes their way. Your tastes exactly match mine, and I love the way you publish collections by theme.

    We’ve all been without Femdom Times in this bleak mid-winter for too long already.

    Best wishes for 2017

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