1. Jacco

    These pics of umbrellas have reminded me of another significant experience of my teen sub awakening.

    I was on a bus, I can remember the day because spookily there were other events that day which were relevant to my life path, though in the interests of relevance I’ll leave those out.

    Anyway it might not sound like much, but I was 16 & as I sat on the upstairs of the bus my ears were treated to the sharp-tounged tough talk of two inner-city girls. Street savvy, working-class types. Not talking to me, but as they talked between themselves I couldn’t exactly ignore their earsplitting, expletive saturated tirade. They were talking about criminals they were supposedly friends with and all sorts of gritty stuff!

    As the bus pulled into the terminal the two girls strode past me, I remained seated and one of them shot me down an icy glance which told me that ‘ladies first’ was probably my wisest policy!

    The girls were white, tall and slim, attired in mid-90s British urban wear. Kind of smart casual, sassy, I think they had long shiny coats and long, tight denim skirts. Probably big hoop earrings and I think scraped back hair in a bun. The kind of street fashion that was all about attitude, nothing too sweet or innocent. I suppose a 90s take on the US hip hop type look. Anyway, looking back on this style of dress I now realise the extent to which it overlapped with the sharp, slick femininity of the dominatrix aesthetic. A kind of ‘don’t mess with me’ sexiness.

    Anyway, the one that shot me the glance was carrying an umbrella which was clacking on the floor like a stilleto heel. Like a cane.

    As I got off the bus, the gutter-mouthed outpouring still ringing in my ears, I thought ‘what horrible girls’. Yet I think I knew, deep down, that I couldn’t lie to myself for long, and deep deep down… such types fascinated me.

    This memory, just from a picture of an umbrella. Apologies if you thought I was building up to an exciting Femdom anecdote, but I just wanted to mention this as I would put it up there in personal significance as third after the Quantum Leap prison scene that did a lot to cause stirrings and, of course, number one which is the legendary Optician.

    Anyway. I’m glad I wrote about these girls, they showed me something that was lurking inside me. Their badness was beauty!

    Thanks for listening to my reminiscing rambles Jan! 😉

    • Thanks again for sharing another lovely story. Awesome!
      I’ve got quite a few stories like that myself. A split second in time, a glance, one or two spoken words, a face passing you by in the crowd.
      Noting really happened, it was there and it was gone again.
      Being submissive is not just about punishments, humiliations; it’s also about spotting and embracing these little and insignificant moments in time.

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