• Honesty is the key-element in a relationship between Mistress and slave. Without it it’s nothing.
      No matter what you did (or didn’t do), a slave should always be honest about it.
      Being called a liar is probably the worst thing I can think of. Now, there’s a scary – if not terrifying – thought.

  1. Jacco

    Years ago I had a manager called Nicola who warned me that I wouldn’t be able to hide anything from her by saying to me “I’ve got eyes… in my arse!”

    There was great potential in that working relationship but in those days my sub fantasies were still conflicting with my ego so the opportunity was never fully seized.

    I was still yet to unlearn how to walk… & learn how to crawl, you might say!

    • I’ve always been fully aware of my submissive feelings.
      I was ready to crawl before I could walk, one might say 🙂 🙂
      And yet, it took me ages before I was ready to take the first ste-…uh…crawl.

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