1. Jacco

    Oh how I LOVE the enforced Femdom, the unprovoked attack (ie- lovely surprise) & the fear felt with her having a gun. The potential of it being a snuff story, this is the dark side that’s always bewitched my soul.

    The way it just erupts out of nowhere & she’s apparently a perfect stranger makes it, for me, like the Femdom equivalent of a no-strings hookup fantasy!

    Although there were no firearms involved, the description of her reminds me of an anecdote that a coworker told me some years ago. Her male friend was a taxi driver & he picked up a petite girl ( I think she may have said she was blonde). The girl seemed innocent enough. Then when the driver asked for his fare, the girl didn’t pay him in money, apparently she thrust her limb from where she sat at the back seat and her foot almost ripped his head off with the skull-splitting force! THAT was his payment. I wonder if that’s technically a stomp or a kick? Anyway, whatever my views on such behavior, I couldn’t help thinking it was, frankly, hotter than the Sahara. The shock. Like your story. Scary, to think this taxi girl was probably polite as anything but, as she sat in the cab, was planning all along…

    “To look at her, you wouldn’t have thought she had it in her”, I remember my coworker saying.

    • Lovely anecdote, that’s what I would call one hell of a ride, haha.
      Yes, I love the semi pulp / noir stories of Femme Fatales or Female Villainess.
      Dark, raw, lethal and merciless, I love that.

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