1. Jacco

    Hi Jan, I understand you’ll have other pressures on your time and so on, but I can’t help thinking it would be wonderful if you developed these ideas into longer narratives. Femdom erotica appeals to me, but what I’ve been able to find lacks any real heart, the strapon has been unleashed in the opening paragraph & to me, build up, expectation, atmosphere are what is exciting. Context, character development & eloquent phraseology that sparks the imagination… A poetic mindfuck!
    I think you have that ability. Have you ever worked on a novel, or novella?

    • Well, talking about coincidences. Again! Hahaha.
      I have a second – and even more time-consuming – website, which is dedicated to my ancestors.
      I write a profile page on each and everyone of them (man, Woman, old, young) and I’ve just finished one that’s almost 4.000 words long.
      That’s really what I had in mind for Femdom Times as well, because deep down I’m a storyteller.
      And yet, I limit myself on Femdom Times to approximately 200 words. Because let’s face it: most people visit this blog because of the pics, not because of the stories. And so I narrow it down. And yet, it’s not what I wanted in the first place.

      I will take a monthlong break in December. Initially, because I wanted to prepare some new posts for 2017.
      But I’m not so sure about that anymore. I’m in doubt, to be honest.

      Yes, I wrote some first drafts, but it wasn’t any good and I’ve deleted most of it.
      I’m not too concerned about it though. It’s how I work. I’m quite merciless when it comes down to my own writings, haha.

      • Jacco

        We are often our harshest critics!

        This post is certainly a crossover of two of your prime areas!

        Personally, I honestly visit here primarily for the text. I mean, you choose some great pictures, but I tend to find the visual element easier to obtain generally whereas the text you write provides a multiplicity of angles from which to examine the subject & spark the imagination. It’s the cerebral elements that I find to be fewer & further between on the web, & that’s what I crave! I have been able to find scholarly articles on erotic masochism & so on, but sometimes they get very abstract, dare I say, dry? So FT makes me think but keeps the kink, you might say!

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