1. Jacco

    Oh yes, teachers. Makes me think of school, checking out the shiny tights of teachers three times my age as they sat on the edge of their desks.
    One in particular, the exquisitely named Ms Frost. With her specs & curly blonde hair, black tights and black & white skirt in a pattern I now know to be Dogtooth.
    Once I was rowdily jostling some classmates & she responded by shoving me firmly by the shoulders into a wall! Ooh! (She’d probably lose her job for that nowadays!)
    Then, shortly before we left, we had a nonuniform day when the teachers dressed more sexily than usual. I recall her casting her nonplussed eye over the surly multitude, arms folded with her nylon-clad leg reaching exposed from the slit of her olive green, ankle length split skirt.
    Days I’ll remember all my life!
    Do you still dwell on teachers Jan? Or we’re you too busy getting pinned by your contemporaries in the schoolyard?

    • Thank you once again for a lovely, lovely comment.
      Sadly enough there weren’t any teachers like that in my school(s). Not one.
      I guess that’s some sort of twisted punishment in itself 🙂
      So yes indeed, I gad to made do and mend with contemporaries like Karin.
      She was, in so many ways, my own personal teacher. Bless Her.

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