1. Jacco

    The art class… now art classes are something I’ve dabbled around in in my time, & considering they usually tend to be more populated with females than males, I feel I should have had more brushes with Femdomination in that environment than I have. But all I can think of is the mean girl at school pouring the dirty paintbrush water over my head.

    The free, enforced (read suprise) Pro-Domme session I got when I was 17/18 that was officially an opticians appointment… that was straight after an art class!

    But Art Class Femdom is a theme that feels particularly right to me!

  2. Yes we have had a discussion regarding this Laura and at this time we have decided that we can’t provide travel and lodging for all 15 finalists to attend the social media summit. We are looking into ways that we can get more contest participants involved in future summits. If we do find a way to get finalists more involved in this year’s event we will be in contact as soon as possible.

  3. hola, tengo a lucianita recién cumplio un añito el 15 de marzo le encanta ese perrito, cada vez que canta se emociona que deja de hacer todo solo para verlo, me gustaría saber si alguien de ustedes tiene el audio o video para descargarlo en mi mp4, gracias.

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