1. Jacco

    I just took a look at Princess Beverly’s bio & she’s talking about how it’s great taking a load of money off ‘losers’ & how it’s better than working… which is of course the very sort of unconscientious approach we want from a Mean Girl!!

    Though I suspect it’s had harder work than she lets on…

    I get the impression most Dommes work harder for a living than I do!!

    • Absolutely true. I’ve had the privilege of serving a professional Mistress and I know how labour intensive it is.
      Not to mention the daily grind of having to communicate with all these guys who say yes and mean no. Let alone the sessions, again and again.
      It can be a lucrative business, but the money doesn’t come cheap.

      I wanted to write a nice piece about Princess Beverly, because I love Her movies and She’s a real knock-out.
      I tried, but failed. Because there’s so much more to Femdom than Findom, at least in my book.

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