1. Jacco

    Lovely sense of humor… and interior design too… because you see that picture with the trees on it she has on her wall? I’m looking at the exact same design that I have on my own wall at home as I write this!

    Clearly the monochromatic, misty skeletal trees appeal to the sombre, refined heart of Mistress and sub alike!

    • Haha, what are the odds! Of all the posters in the world….
      Well, serving Mistress Valkyrie was more a sunny experience I would say.
      She was such a lovely person, She really was. Ruthless yes, but relaxed at the same time.
      She showed me the difference between the dark and cold fantasies we find on Femdom websites and the bright and warm reality of serving a Mistress in real life.
      Wonderful Lady!

  2. The Colonel

    After she retired I wonder what she ended up doing ?

    Used to love seeing her in action – she was a natural

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