1. Jacco

    So many fetishes, what’s all this about toy cars? Yet I kind of get it. Like dominance asserted through destruction of property. Chun Li smashing that car to smithereens on the bonus round of the Street Fighter II video game was kind of hot!
    Come to think of it, 20 years ago I got turned on by the thought of sexy girls defacing a mural I’d painted. It’s all about the disrespect, I suppose!
    And the other day, a sexy, minidressed lady threw her sandwich paper down on the ground. Although I don’t usually approve of littering I did think the impertinence of the luscious litterbug was captivating! Just like cigarette end flingers!

    • Jacco

      (When I say toy cars, I mean in the site when I followed the link.)
      Oh and some of the titles… ‘Asses as Weapons…’
      Don’t point that thing at me, it might go off! Hehe ; )

    • Crush passion (or whatever you want to call it) isn’t one my fetishes.
      And that’s a relief, because I’ve got quite enough fetishes as it is, haha, and some still puzzle me to this day.

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