1. Anonymous

    As a straight man I have come to my senses. I was taught to be the man to be stronger than woman. As I got older within the last three years it should be the woman who leads. No comparison women have become more bolder, stronger, smarter, and just superior than us boys. I total support female supermacy. We can’t be trusted. The only true way for women to make sure the relationship last is to take complete control of it. I’m talking complete beatings and humilation. After watching several of my friends who’s boyfriends cheated on them. Honestly, what’s wrong with women completely owing us, taking away all our rights and forever placing us into complete servitude. Look at what mess us boys have given the world. We are completely weak, no backbone, worthless, and complelelty stupid. We are like grown children. We must be punished over and over. What a wonderful world it would be if woman controlled everything. Everything would be better. In my opinion women should have been in power from the beginning. Serving her every needs and worshipping her. I have no problem with women forever ruling. Men had their chance and failed. Time for a change. New power, leadership. I love how many guys have fallen and given complete control to women. It’s time for te few remaining boys to realize that femdom is happening now and won’t be stopped. The sooner the better off the planet will be. For the young ladies and girls out their its gotta be great knowing that hopefully in a generation or two they will forever rule!

    • Thank you for a lovely comment, it’s much appreciated.
      I couldn’t agree more, we are indeed irresponsible grown children and we’ve made a complete mess of things.
      We cannot proof that the world would be a better place if run by Females.
      But one look at the world we’re living in today is enough to know that this doesn’t work.
      I truly hope that Women will be in charge one day. It will not happen in our lifetime, sadly enough, it will take two or more generations to get there.
      But we should lay the foundations for that, by promoting the Femdom lifestyle and Female-Led-Relationships. We owe that to Women.

      • Jacco

        Extremist, radical Femdomocracy! 😉 I like! Hehe .

        Yes, I gather the schoolgirl pin is a personal fave of yours! It’s very good, even a small woman can take advantage of the fact that it utilizes their full body weight AND it’s a hands-free maneuver which has obvious benefits!

        1… 2… 3… Dingding! Aaaaand here is your winner…

        • Hehehe, yes, it’s simply the best.
          Extremely hard to find a Lady who’s willing to do that though. It’s too small, insignificant and – who knows – too weird perhaps.
          The pressure is building, one might say, I’m like a bloody SchoolGirl-Pin Volcano, ready to erupt 🙂

  2. The schoolgirl pin. The best position for any woman to have any man in. There is nothing like having a man flat on his back and sitting on his chin as I stretch his arms out and pin them with my hands. This happens after I’ve broken him down with painful locks and holds during a wrestling match with him. A couple of armbars, held way longer than the rules allow with pressure maintained until each arm is too sore to use, and he has submitted about ten times. I love making a man submit and taunting him as he does. Then when he can’t fight back, capture his head between my strong, smooth thighs and squeeze him senseless until he submits again and keeping the hold at that delightful level where he stays conscious but his face turns purple as I pulse the tightness of the scissorhold. And of course, his face is right up in my pussy, nice and tight so I smother him at the same time. A few more submissions and he has completely had it and I can do what I want. sometimes I’ll lay him flat on his back and mount him, other times I’ll sit him up to rub his neck and shoulders because I’ve beaten him up so much. He sits there sore and stunned as my arms snake around his neck and I tighten into a rear naked choke. What a beautifully sexy hold. Holding him tight and whispering into his ear what I’m going to do with him, squeezing him close to greyness on and off, just because I can. Taunting and teasing him about how long I am going to torture him and how often I will knock him out if I feel like it. Then a swift tightening of my strong arms and in about 5 or six seconds he is unconscious. The look on his face when he wakes up helpless with his painful arms up beside his head, clamped between my thighs and my pussy in sheer, silky, white panties resting on his chin. I pin his wrists to show him how helpless he is and looking down into his eyes, softly laugh at him as I slide forward slowly and teasingly and sit on his mouth, letting him take his last breaths. Some taunting like, “Gotcha. You’re going nowhere. I am going to sit on your face in my silky panties for the whole afternoon…. giggle… and there is nothing you can do.” Then, still looking deep into his eyes, I move onto his nose and wiggle my very wet pussy until his nose pushes the wet gusset of my panties into my pussy. He is completely helpless as I reach back and separate my bottom cheeks and arrange them around his mouth. Mmmmmm I absolutely love having a man utterly helpless like this. He is very tightly pinned and has no chance of breathing because my swollen wet pussy lips are either side of his nose, my round bottom has engulfed his mouth and the wet gusset of my panties is on his face.. He is going to be in for a long afternoon of sexual torment as I start a long rolling orgasm on his face, wriggling my pussy and softly taunting him. All he can do is try to snatch the odd breath to stay conscious and look up past my pussy into my laughing face. If he does sneak a breath, I’ll punish him by moving fully onto his face, settling down so he definitely can’t breathe and leaning forward and pinning his wrists. That pushes me over the edge and my orgasm will increase and he won’t get a breath at all.
    God I am so wet and swollen just writing this. I think I’ll go and wrestle my victim down to the floor and stretch him out….. you know how it goes.

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