1. Dimos

    One of the Ladies that has inspired him is Mistress Saharah Eve from NY, a very well known Dominatrix and Female Supremacist.

    • Ah, I didn’t know that, thanks for sharing that with us.
      I had quite a lengthy correspondence with him a couple of years ago, very nice and inspiring guy.
      And, as said, a great artist 🙂

  2. Jacco

    I particularly like no. 9, where the Lady is glaring directly at the viewer and, conversely, I also think no. 11 is particularly evocative, where we don’t even get to see Her face!

    I had a look at Mistress Sahara Eve’s blog. Regarding the slaves/servants and subs/pets distinction, I would think a ‘pet’ also has an entirely authentic level of devotion. It would be interesting to see what other Dommes thought. I think a ‘pet’ can be switched to a slave and back again according to the whim of the Supreme Female. The slave/sub cannot necessarily rely on the predictability afforded by a consistency of treatment.

    I respect the pet relationship as a valid form of Femdom, but obviously if Mistress Sahara Eve finds pets tedious, then ‘pets out’ is her prerogative!

    • What I love about Femdom, Female Supremacy and Female-Led-Relationships is that it’s not as clear cut as you might think.
      Mistress Sahara Eve makes the distinction between slaves and subs, others will stick to owned and unowned.
      You can make the same distinction between the Ladies as well: a professional Mistress is not necessarily a lifestyle Mistress.
      The slave of a professional Mistress might well be a mere sub to a lifestyle Mistress.
      It’s an amazing maze of words, definitions, distinctions and interpretations.

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