1. Jacco

    ‘A man in debt is so far a slave’, as Emerson observed. In this situation, the distinction dissolves!

    I’ve been able to check my messages & I read yours! I’ll take on board what you said about giving M.B. some creative space. I’ve drafted my initial message, worded very humbly & respectfully, though I just make mention of the 3 key interests so that she knows the sort of area we’ll be in.

    It’ll be in a couple of months I reckon. Thanks for letting me share my progress with you sir! 🙂

    • You’re more than welcome my friend, and I hope this will be your start of a wonderful journey into the breathtaking world of Femdom.
      Trust me: whatever happens next in your life and no matter how adventures it might be; you will never forget the first one.
      It’s a small step for men, but a giant step for subs 🙂

      • Jacco

        I’m very excited about it!

        Something that I’m impressed by when reading comments on twitter etc is the civilised mindset of slaves.

        Slaves of the same Domme will speak nicely to one another. I’m so used to the politics of ‘normal’, sexual relationships that this is so refreshing.

        Outside of the Femdom world, if more than one man had such a fond regard for the same woman, bitter jealousy would no doubt ensue.

        If sex was the objective rather than discipline, then two men who’d been with the same woman may sink to disrespectful speech, as if she’s a commodity that they’ve both ‘had’.

        This is not the language of Femdom it seems. Obviously I don’t want to be naive (there can be bad apples in any scene). But I have to say, the Femdom slave concept seems to negate the less noble elements of ‘normal’ relationships!

        • You’re right about that, one of the things that really blew me away in the beginning was the comradery between slaves.
          We had so much fun together and everyone was willing to help a novice find his feet.
          And sure, I’ve met the bad apples as well (even the worst of the worst), but they were far and few between.

          However, there are countless shades of grey between black and white, we all know that.
          But this is neither the time nor the place to go into that.
          Just enjoy your maiden voyage, that’s the most important thing for now. Enjoy it to the fullest!

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