1. Jacco

    Ouch!! There are some Killer Queens in this photo selection!

    I really recognized what you described in your story. When an arresting sight hits you it is so overpowering, it does tend to eclipse other events somewhat! Sometimes I think: “please… just let me rest and enjoy something else for once… it’s exausting…” but the dark goddesses of dangerous femininity will not relent. They send torturous tease after torturous tease..!

    • Yes!!! You nailed it!
      “Just let me enjoy something else for once,” that’s it absolutely.
      The concert thing in Paris is just one example, but it has happened s many times really.
      It IS exhausting and even a bit embarrassing at times.
      Don’t get me wrong, I love my fetishes and I take good care of them :-), but sometimes…….

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