1. Jacco

    I do wonder how much my submissiveness shows. It might be a lot more or a lot less than I think.

    It’s nice when you have a manager with more than a little of the Goddess about her. And it’s so pleasant to be able to just be of use to her & not have the burden of the mating game like you would if she was a conventional love interest. I’m still in that game but… serve but don’t touch is such a sublime relief from all that!

    • Oh, I couldn’t agree more! As you said so beautifully: “serve but don’t touch is such a sublime relief”
      The Femdom websites are desperately trying to convince us that Femdom equals porn. It’s ridiculous.
      In all my years of slavery it was never about mating, it was about serving.

      • Jacco

        Oh absolutely. I don’t want the mistress to be naked either, these porn peddlers just don’t get it. Femdom isn’t porn, it’s erotica. That’s not a euphemism, I think there’s a very definite difference. I think that’s fascinating to ponder!

        • Very well said and I totally agree with you on that.
          I’m sure I will write about this again (and again), because I can’t contain myself, hehehe

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