1. Jacco

    Wonderful woman. Not the raven haired classic domme look so much as a callous lass you’d encounter in a shop or something and get transfixed by. She can do it all from sarky to stony, and she’s a spitter & a smoker. Beautiful. I can see why she was an archetype for you. Bet it was a surreal buzz actually seeing her pic after dreaming her up! 🙂

    • Hehe, yes, it was very surreal, I couldn’t believe my eyes to be honest.
      I often wondered what it would be like to book a session with Her and actually meet Her in real life.
      Coming face to face with your most precious dream, how nerve-wrecking is that!
      I contacted Her, several times over the years, but never received an answer.
      Divine intervention perhaps? 🙂

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