1. Jacco

    Ooh, let me reminisce… My Young Terror included a delightfully common blonde girl called Sarah pouring a jar of dirty paintbrush water over my head in art class & then giving me her brutal fists in the cranium at lunchtime. A mixed race girl called Lisa driving her fist hard in between my shoulder blades in science class, so hard that I literally saw stars. A big lass called Fleur grabbing me with one hand and pummelling me repeatedly in the back at breaktime. A redhead called Trina slapping, kneeing & kicking me in the sports hall when I went for a ball she wanted. (Incidentally I ran into her in a club a few years later & she allowed me to be her ‘pet’ all evening, which involved much gentler though very welcome acts of dominance such as excessive head patting).

    Of course, the school bullying is something I only saw the beauty in retrospectively. Youth… wasted on the young eh?
    I’ve often wondered whether these rough representations of young British femininity that I was subjected to in my formative years helped to turn me into the kind of animal I am…

    As we’ve mused before though, I guess you never really know!

    • Thanks for sharing this lovely story! Man, happy memories!
      Strangely enough I wanted all this as long as I can remember. I was about eight years old (certainly not older) when I asked Sue to sit on me again (SchoolGirl Pin).
      I can still picture each detail: the beams of sunlight on the dusty floor, the smell of bulbs in the shed and Her angry voice, crystal clear as if She’d spoken these words just seconds ago: “you always want to lose.”

      When I was eleven I used to tease Karin all the time, in the hope that She would grab my hair or twist my fingers.
      I did it because I wanted to be overpowered by Her, to feel the humiliation of defeat. God, I must have been an obnoxious little brat back then!
      So I enjoyed it, not in retrospect, but there and then.

      The Young Terror story really happened, but I didn’t actually enjoy that one, hahaha. I was too unexpected, I guess, and I didn’t know this Girl and had no idea what She was capable of.
      Ahhh, those were the days, my friend, I thought they’d end……
      but they did.

      • Jacco

        Wow, I thought it would have been made up!

        “You always want to lose”, that’s beautiful!

        And as for being antagonistic with the hope of a backlash… oh yes. I know that one. Not sure I can say I’ve grown out of that to be quite honest!

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