1. Jacco

    No need for a text… She makes her thoughts quite clear with this choice gem of non-verbal communication! 🙂

    I was just thinking when I’d received the middle-finger salute… & what springs to mind is when I (or the car I was in, so my mum really) was the recipient of the middle-finger in ‘drive by’ form!

    Basically, an impertinent young ‘brat girl’ type I suppose, flipped the finger firmly at us as she raced past us, overtaking us. This was a few years ago.

    Although my overriding feeling at this clear message of “GO F*€K YOURSELF” ‘should’ probably be to feel affronted, I can’t help my natural reaction… all I saw was that flash of finger & a blonde ponytail as she sped by like a blazing comet of cold contempt, & it struck me as so cute!

    If my mum spotted this signal, she certainly didn’t react. But naturally, in the advent of any kind of roadside rumble I would have nobly thrown myself into the path of the maddened girl as she hurled herself, all teeth n’ claws & taken the lay-by lacing…

    Which wouldn’t have been a remotely pleasing proposition, of course, but ahh well… 😉

    • Hehehe, thanks for sharing this lovely little story, loved it!
      It proofs once again that there’s so much more to Female Power than whips, kicks and ropes.
      These tiny little fragments of power and beauty can be quite unforgettable as well.
      Because although this happened a few years ago, you didn’t forget it.
      All it took was a ponytail and a finger!

      • Jacco

        Haha, yes it’s a nice ‘scrap’ as you say! ‘Femdom Road Rage’… that’s not a bad idea! 🙂

        Come to think of it, this reminded me of other incidents… my mum has seemed at times to get a fair dose of just the sort of thing I would eagerly welcome… quite jealous really, it’s ironic that it doesn’t happen to the person who’d love it!!

        I recall miffed recollections of female ticket inspectors on trains (“I’m not usually asked to show a ticket…” “Well I’M asking You!!”) and allegedly indecently clad women at bus stops sneering at mum’s choice of winter attire (so much so she got home & cut the bobble off her wooly hat that had been the source of derision). Not to mention incidents I was personally present at, such as a drunken termagant on a tram (“what YOU looking at!?”) and one mature woman in a carpark once with a firm, shapely behind who fixed her cold stare on mum, not relenting until she’d circled the carpark, until I thought mum was going to be turned to stone!

        Now, what I want to know is… what’s her secret? 😉 a while back we discussed subliminal ‘bully me’ signals from women… I wish I had inherited this quality! XD

        • Ahhh, that mystifying riddle called body language! God, if only we could solve that one, that would make life so much easier.
          You must have seen it so many times: a guy walks into a bar and no one seems to notice. Five minutes later another guy walks in and everyone looks up.
          Some people are like magnets, but why?

          Haha, well, my mother was quite the opposite really. Like a raging bull, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
          Man, I hated it and I hated her for all the verbal abuse (I was one of her a favourite victims, needless to say).
          So why on earth I’ve become to worship powerful Women is really beyond me 🙂 Time to dig up Freud I guess.

          So what’s the secret indeed! When I told my family and friends about my submissive feelings, the Women hardly believed it.
          Somehow my body language, my sharp tongue and my deep brown eyes were clear signs (to them) of a strong and confident man.
          So I’m definitely sending the wrong kinda signals, which explains why I don’t get kneed in the groin while walking the streets.
          Such a shame!

          • Jacco

            That doesn’t suprise me at all… a while back there was a link posted up on here (I think it was actually from one of your readers?) And the male slave being interviewed seemed very self assured, confidently describing his slavish devotion on camera. I’ve seen this kind of thing before. I think you have to have a strong foundation generally in order to enjoy weakness!

            As for my mum… tbh she has a pretty raging nature at first… but she tends to back down pretty quickly when her victims face up to her!

            (If I think of the above examples… the ticket inspector was sort of questioned, which she probably gets a lot & is tedious, my mum’s opinions on the girls’ ‘indecency’ probably caused her to throw out bad looks first, my mum was certainly the only person on the tram who turned around and starred when the drunk woman started muttering to herself, & as for the carpark… I remember mum did instigate the situation with a rather inexplicable burst of horn blowing!!)

            Maybe I should try & be more provocative…

            But I always just hope I’ll be picked on for reason!

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