• As fas as I know, She disappeared when Young Goddess closed its doors. Never saw Her again after that.
      She was, and always will be, one of all-time favourite young Goddesses, so it’s a dreadful shame She vanished into nothing.

      • Jacco

        Maybe she’ll spend many moons in reclusion then rise again as a mature Goddess, my personal preference of all!

        Come to think of it Jan, I’m not sure you’ve done a Mature Mistress post? I’ve often got the impression the Mature woman has a strong Femdom following..?

        Anyhow, thanks for another one! 🙂

        • Thank it is a good question and I must admit I never wrote a piece on mature Mistresses.
          I really should be looking into that, because they are the creme de la creme of the Femdom world 🙂

          • Jacco

            Oh, nicely put! I’ve liked maturity since I was a teen. Of course the age gap lessens as one gets older but there’s something about an older woman’s face that says Femdom sublimity to me.
            I guess it’s the strict schoolmistress thing.
            As a face ages, the skin gets dryer and the lines make the face look harder, in all senses. In Femdom you don’t particularly want the face to be soft & yielding, so I find the older woman to often have a harder, sterner face that really does it for me!

          • Well, I’ve been a lifelong dreamer when it comes down to strict schoolmistresses, so I know exactly what you mean.
            I guess there’s a calmness and a certainty about them that makes them so breathtaking.
            They’ve dealt with stubbornness and stupidity many times before and they know from experience that a man (any man) is powerless against them.
            I’m not really into shouting and screaming, because letting yourself go like that is a sign of weakness, I think.
            Mature Mistresses are calm (and I love that), but it’s a calm before a storm of pain 🙂

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