1. Jacco

    I have to confess Jan, I have been rather partial to the catfight for quite some time. If I spot interesting ladies while making my rounds, my principle thought is usually of them subjugating me. Sometimes though, I do find myself mentally matching them up for such competitive contact sports!
    I suppose it’s all the eroticization of the violent/aggressive female.
    Obviously I usually wish to be victim though. Femdom is my number one love… but a catfight is welcome!
    And this Monika is one tough kitty!

    • Women rule, that has been my only certainty in life, so a catfight was too confusing to me, hehehe.
      Watching a Women been beaten and humiliated was somehow impossible in my book.
      But that has changed now, because a Lady who gets Her ass kicked in a catfight is still so much stronger than you or me 🙂 🙂

      • Jacco

        Exactly!! Yes, at first it looks like two plusses cancelling each out & you might think ‘what’s the point?’ but as you say, the beaten, humiliated woman is still (to paraphrase The Beatles) ‘coming down fast but she’s miles above us!’ 😉

        A bit like Spotted Hyena societies, apparently the most submissive of the females is still way above the strongest male! (Cue the maniacal laughter…)

        • Hehehe, exactly! So at the end of the day, after all the catfights and stuff, Women still rule.
          And that’s a huge relief 🙂

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