1. Jacco

    Don’t *think* I’ve told you this before Jan, but I’ve witnessed two street pisser girls in my life, strangely within a month of each other! It was 2014 I believe. Both student girls, one crouching under a fire escape on a side street on Fresher’s Week in Sept with her friend looking out, the second on Halloween night in a residential area. Beautiful. The first time I was able to do my return to the scene moments later that I do in such situations if poss.

    A little disappointingly the offering was odourless & tasteless. Like water. It had also cooled very quickly in the cool Autumnal air!

    Still wonderful though!

    • Thank you for sharing this, it’s indeed quite lovely. And amazing.
      I mean: two in one month, that has to be some sort of sign 🙂 🙂

      My ex Girlfriend did some outdoor peeing when we were still secretly dating each other.
      I didn’t have the guts back then to tell Her anything about all this, but my skin was glowing, I clearly remember that.
      Ah, to pee or not to pee, that will always be a fascinating question 😉

  2. Christinesixteen

    A truly beautiful choice set of images in what can be one of the most erotic acts on the planet. Your story of being used jan, was also delightful, you are indeed a very fortunate and experienced. I trust you tried to swallow asmuch as you could and no harm came to your health?

    • As you can see I’ve labelled this little story as a Fetish Fantasy, so t’s a figment of my imagination.
      It’s based on a true story though, but it was not at a party and there were only a handful of Ladies around.
      So the pee-frequency was much lower 🙂 🙂

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