1. Jacco

    Can’t say this appeals Jan, if the pain is too intense it becomes the only focus & it distracts from the overall scene of how it’s being administered (the lady vanishes!) Therefore the erotic element is lost. I have to savour the awareness of the scene.

    But like any connoisseur’s choice, the recipe has to be just right. Tastes vary!

    • As I said; it’s not on my all-time favourite list as well 🙂
      But what can we do when a Lady loves it, right?
      In the end it’s not about our do’s & dont’s, it’s about Hers.

  2. Tim

    Just wanted to check in it has been a few months. I just wanted to speak to guys again about femdom. I was opposed to this at first but when I realized that females are, have, and forever will be the superior sex. Today’s time women are realizing that it’s time to forever change everything. Every chance I get I encourage all women especially young ladies to not only be in charge of everything but rule the relationship. Once I gave up the stupid idea that men were superior life became better. Guys your lying to your self if you believe we are superior. We are not. The only way to save the world is to give up the notion that men are strong. We are not. But women are. They have the smarts, and the strength to do anything. We are nothing but overgrown children who must be supervised. That’s why women must, should, and will enslave men for the betterment of the human race. Women all along should have ruled. If women ruled this world right now would be peaceful. It’s hard to admit but once you give women complete control you will see that it’s right. Men should worship women because they are superior to us and looking at the way the world is heading hopefully soon we will have a total femdom society. No more men having any say or power just bowing down to all women and getting what we deserve and that’s on our knees fearing women and getting punished for being males. I want all women to rise up. It’s your world and now the time has never been ripe to take your place as rightfully rulers over men. Hopefully you have noticed that sooner than later women will rule. Better to be and understand were slaves to women than live in this messed up crumbling male rule. I will do whatever it takes to make sure women and only women have power in the future. Long live women.

    • Thanks Tim, for your inspiring words, it’s much appreciated.
      Yes, I totally agree with you: the world will be a better place once Women are in charge, I’m absolutely convinced of that.
      But it’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to happen overnight, I’m afraid.
      Power is addictive and some men will never give that up voluntarily.
      So yes, the next generation(s) are the real hope for the future.

  3. Christinesixteen

    Tim, Amen to all you say. However- Interestingly these is a very good television documentary on UK TV – Channel 4 – Thursdays, by the artist Grayson Perry – exploring modern masculinity and the conclusions are very thought provoking and interesting. ( As a lot of what Perry does always is) Many modern men are actually very vunerable due to the change in traditional economic structures, and the removal of thier established roles since the agricultural and industrial revolutions. This structure and order in life is important to many. However, take for example my grandfathers generation ( those who fought in the Great War ) they were Gentlemen – no matter what inflexible social strata they were born in to, their behaviour was about self control , high standards,and decency and manners, with Women respected at all times.With industrial decline and the aforementioned social technological and economic/ globalisational changes, as well as the near collapse of religious observance results in many modern men who need to earn a living – which unless you are born in to great amounts of money, is the majority of the population be they manual workers or professional people, they no longer seem guided by the principles of Gentleman-liness – this is now seen as ‘ effeminate’ weakness – the clue is in the name GENTLE, so boorish, mis directed uncontrolled,macho self destructive ,anti social behaviour often results as a defense mechanism, as does a great deal of anti intellectualism principally amongst males but not exclusivelly – many Women of the lower social stratas in society often dispaly worrying mimickry of this ‘ ladissh- ness’. A strong spiritually Female Supremacist led Society is certainly a cure for many of the planets Ill’s ( wars famines environmental disatasters – in which I include the conveniently ignored environmental destruction rendered by meat production) and there are many stands to this future – Bearing in mind what Jan stated in response to your message -right now Ellsie Sutton publishes realistic guides to achieving this within exisitng societal norms and the very real personal relationships of today. We have a very long way to go however but the acceptance and conciousness is growing and could just yet save many men from themselves which would be a positive thing in itself. I speak here of course about the western world. When you cast your eyes eleswhere on the planet- or those ‘cultures’ ( sic) that now choose to reside inside western society you will see the enormity of the task, and perhaps where the most effort to effect change is truly required. Nothing willhappen without effort, and all must continue to spread the message and the acceptance of this desired state. i hope you willcontinue to ‘place your shoulder to the wheel’ ( as well as be occassionally strapped to it for a good flogging!) for mens ‘liberation’ in to a Female Supremacist society where true expression can be found and unlocked, great supressed potential tapped and peace and natural harmony and balance achived.

    • Thank you ever so much for this very interesting and intriguing comment.

      I’m a more than regular customer at amazon.co.uk, because it’s a heaven for history freaks like me. I’ve collected dozens and dozens of books on the Victorian Era for example, about daily life, about the notorious slums, about the life and times of some of the most remarkable men and Women of that era. Now, the story of mankind is the story of (slow) progress. All that changed in the mid 19th century when things started to change rapidly. Not only did it gain momentum, it almost spiralled out of control. Within just 100 years our world changed beyond recognition. Especially men are still searching for their place in society, I think, they are still groggy, like boxers who’ve walked into a horrendous uppercut.

      And yes, we threw the baby out with the bathwater sometimes, like gentlemanlike behaviour. To me it’s one of the most precious pearls of being submissive. Not just because a Lady orders me to be a gentleman, but because I strongly believe in it myself. My heart aches when I see the never-ending abuse on social media for example (social media is a contradictio interminus in itself, I think, because there’s nothing social about it). Asking men to be “gentle” again is nearly impossible, because we’ve moved way beyond respect already. It takes a Female touch to bring it back to life.

      Yes, I do believe the acceptance and consciousness of Female Supremacy is growing, and we should praise someone like Elise Sutton for being on the forefront of this. But one voice is not enough, we need an army of Elise’s. Female Supremacy is not a sexual fantasy (like so many web$ite$ want us to believe), it’s a serious alternative. An answer to today’s madness, a way out.

      I’m moving on thin ice now, but maybe, just maybe, Women are still a bit groggy as well. I’ve collected a lot of books on the suffragettes movement (Josephine Butler’s biography is one of the most moving books I’ve ever read), so I know how hard they fought for equality and to get the vote. That seems ancient history now, but it’s not. In Germany for example Women were granted suffrage at national level in 1918. In the USA in 1920, the UK in 1928, France in 1944 and Women living in Switzerland had to wait to 1971 to obtain the right to vote in national elections. Historically speaking that just minutes ago. Women (in the western world) have (responsible) jobs, own cars and houses and have the vote. They’ve achieved the unthinkable in just a century and we can’t blame them for being satisfied for now. And so the step (or giant leap) towards Supremacy is perhaps a little too much. Now, I’m not not saying this is true (it’s just a thought), but I think Female Supremacy is not just about educating men, it’s about inspiring Women as well.

  4. Christinesixteen

    Absolutely agree Jan
    I suppose the question is why would Females want males around now though for all the points you raise in your last paragraph. It is as much up to men to proudly be able to display thier submissiveness without fear of ridicule so as to demonstrate the possibilities of female Supremacy to Women? Maybe in the manner that younger male aspects of society are now slowly getting it together in accepting thier inherent bi sexuality and talking about it more openly amongst their peers, and there is a lot of men whio now talk openly about thier attraction to Trans people. Trans people themselves – always a strong aspect in participating and supporting Female Supremacy- are far more able to be open and ‘out’ in manstream society themselves – at least in parts of where I live they are. So how far is it away that men will be able to talk openly about thier natural submisssive desires and longings for a Mistress and to be able to embrace it publicly?

    • There has been quite a lot of (BDSM) media coverage in my country over the years; on national television (several times) and in magazines (lots and lots of times).
      It always makes me feel extremely uncomfortable, because it’s more a sexual freakshow than anything else. But it’s a popular topic down here and suddenly lots of people want us to believe they’re either submissive or dominant (in bed, I might add). Not because they are submissive (on the contrary) or dominant (not in the least), but because it’s cool to be part of the hype.
      Yes, people talk openly about this from time to time, but it has nothing to do with Supremacy, but with sexual fantasies.
      Maybe this is the first step and maybe we should be extremely happy with this, but I’m not convinced. No yet anyway, haha.

      I’m fascinated by the idea of serving a Trans Mistress and I always wanted to write something about that. But I have no real life experience with that whatsoever and I have to rely on the murky waters of the Internet. And I’m very cautious with that. Serving a Mistress is real life has really been one of the most wonderful, breathtaking, inspiring, unforgettable surprises of my life. Because it made me realise how over the top Femdom on the Internet really is. So I’m quite sure that real life Trans Mistresses are very different from what I see on the Net.
      So unfortunately I’m a head-to-toe novice in this and I can’t really comment 🙁

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