1. Jacco

    I have a photo of myself as a kid, sitting in some stocks. They’re the ones where you stick your ankles in. It was taken when I was about 14 so I didn’t consider the connotations that such restraint devices were to later hold for me. Had it been taken 3 yrs later or so however… that would have been a quite different story!

    • Oh yes, you’re absolutely right about that.
      Back in the day it was all about fighting. It was all very, very basic and primitive.
      I was sixteen years old when I found (and bought) the first Femdom magazines on a market. Black and white pictures mostly, I can still remember some of them. It was one of the most memorable moments in my life, because I realised I was not the only one with these strange and unexplainable feelings.
      And it was the first time that I saw the wider spectrum of Femdom. A whole new world opened up for me.

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