1. Jacco

    Nice manoeuvre! And the lady doesn’t have to be an Amazon to execute it! Though if she is, that’s cool too! 😉

    • Jacco

      PS- I particularly like pic no. 2. The young woman looks like she’s being supervised by her fierce looking, mature trainer to the left, in the background!

    • Yes, you’re absolutely right: you don’t have to be a trained Amazon or anything. Anyone can do it.
      It’s one of these moments I’ll never forget. The pain was excruciating and the fear was very real, but I loved every second of it.
      She was special, because She didn’t let go after tapping out (like so many would do).

      Picture number two is awesome, isn’t it?
      Sweet dreams are made of this, no question about it.

  2. Rich

    It’s a terrific hold and there’s only way to get out of it. When the lady in charge allows you to get out. Until she does the prey is at her mercy.

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