1. Jacco

    You have described my existence here Jan.

    When exploring the universe that is the internet, Femdom Times is like a bountiful planet where other so-called Femdom sites turn out to be dead satellites. Either soulless run-of-the-mill porn sites with a perfunctory ‘Femdom’ angle, (totally lacking the sublime erotica of your investigations), or smug, respectibility plea laden sites which cry ‘we’re the only genuine practitioners because we do this exclusively within the context of a loving, committed domestic setting’.

    Planet FT however, enquires into the multidimensional universe of female domination & how it sparks the erotic imagination. It explores the fantasies & the realities.

    As for the actual world out there… What you’ve written above is absolutely spot on.

    All I can really do is get up each day, take my protein pills & put my helmet on!!

    • Wow, that is really a lovely comment, Jacco.
      Thank you so much for your kind words, I swear I had no idea this blog had that kinda impact.
      I’m just scribbling along, that’s how it feels anyway.
      I will treasure your comment for a long, long time and it will inspire me whenever I’m struggling with words or ideas.

      • Jacco

        Well, it’s true!

        The lady whose foot sweat I tasted at the weekend should be in work in a bit. Haven’t seen her since. I’ll probably be glancing hungrily at her footwear…

          • Jacco

            Yes, I saw her briefly but wasn’t working with her. She had flat shoes, looked like the ones I smelled & tasted at the weekend. As the weather gets sunnier, that just means they’ll get sweatier!

            In fact, (I find myself applying Femdom to all sorts of things) have you ever compared & contrasted Winter Femdom & Summer Femdom? It’s something that I just recently pondered.

            For instance, winter means dark evenings, my thoughts turn to girl gang fantasies as I walk down dimly lit streets & alleys, drunken halloween reveller women dressed as witches & Vampiresses. Corporate looking women wearing long, authoritative black overcoats. And of course, the shiny raincoat look that you alerted me to!

            But then, in summer there’s shoes & clothing getting sweatier, the smart office women not concealing their lovely suits under so much clothing, women generally looking sexy with more on show.

            I think it all works because the cold & dark of winter matches the coldness & darkness of the scenario. But then, a situation where the hot sun beats on me mercilessly while She does the same is equally evocative!!

          • Oh yes, the difference between summer and winter Femdom is fascinating.
            Winter is about clothes: boots, gloves, long leather coats (awe-some!), shiny jackets etc.
            Summer is about the dazzling beauty of the Female body: heartbreakingly beautiful legs, short, all revealing T-shirts etc.

            But I think winter is grimmer than summer. If there’s a blizzard going on, then run for cover! Because when the temperature drops, Mistress can be ruthless and unforgiving.
            The summer on then other hand, is more about fun, wicked games and stuff.
            Yes, Mistress can have Her days (bless Her), but She tends to turn a blind eye as well in the summertime. It’s too hot for banging the drums, too hot even to go over his tasks and duties. She loves the sun and She wants to be outdoors most of the time.

            End of part 1 of Psychology for Dummies, hahaha

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