1. Jacco

    Haha! Great story Jan, if only more things like this actually happened at shindigs.

    BTW, I called into this office this morning to catch up on a bit of work, so I had it all to myself. I was sitting at a desk usually occupied by one seriously HOT, mature (50+) colleague, I glance under the desk and what do I see? Not one but two pairs of her black leather shoes that she’s left there. I feel that illicit ‘oh YES’ surge.

    One pair are heeled, the other flats. Both have pros, heels obv are heels 🙂 but the lack of high ankle sides on the flats enables nose access! The feint but detectable odour of glamorous mature sweat… So of course I then think, ‘they could do with a polish!’

    It doesn’t take long to run out of saliva though… my tounge is parched.

    Thirsty work, this overtime!!

    • 🙂 thank you again for a lovely comment, I really enjoyed it.

      Well, that’s what I would call an honest and rewarding working day, hehehe.
      It may be our destiny, but it’s such a shame we still have to do these things in secret, when no one’s there.
      We want recognition, I would say!

      • Jacco

        Yes, although I think our responses, glints I’m the eye etc, probably out us! I sometimes like to drop clues anyway!

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