1. Jacco

    The vertical ooze is good, but my favourite has to be the horizontal blast. It takes such power.

    The noise is significant too, a vert makes a nice squirty sound & a blast makes the explosive PFFT! noise.

    Ah, this has got me thinking about Sweden. Young Swedish woman (I’d already noticed how perfect her arse was) then she fired a saliva bullet from her mouth.

    It left me profoundly affected. 😮

    Thanks for revisiting this wonderful topic.

    • Hehehe, yes, there’s more to spit than meets the eye!

      It all started with a bit of spit, back at school. I always wanted Karin’s (talking about Swedish blond!) chewing-gum after She was finished with it. It took several months, but surely but slowly She began to play with that desire. She made me plead, made me walk behind Her wherever She went etc.
      One day She ordered me to kneel (which I did) and wait. The Girls of my class where all around me and they starting teasing me. They couldn’t believe their eyes, I think.
      Karin simply ignored me, but every know and then She looked down on me and ordered me to open my mouth. Eagerly expecting the chewing-gum, I opened my mouth. She held the gum between Her teeth, but spat in my mouth instead. Can’t really remember, but I think at least four or five times.
      True story.

      It changed my life forever. Having to kneel, having to open my mouth on command and being humiliated like that was (and still is) one of the most memorable moments of my life.
      I wonder, if She still remembers it.

  2. Jacco

    I’m impressed, you have oldschool credentials! With me it was about 17 when I got the stirrings.
    Though I do remember my first major childhood crush, when I was about 11, standing over me as I lay on the floor in the playground. She was laughing at me & threatening to tread on me while singing ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head’. Ha!
    I remember liking the attention & enjoying looking up at her.
    (She should have been spitting really, singing a song like that!)

    • Hihihi, yes, She really should have.
      But standing over you and making fun of you and laughing at you must have been thrilling!

      I was twelve when Karin put me through the gum-spit ordeal. It was my first real-life experience so to speak, although the longing started some two years before that, after watching a vampire movie (with a Lady vampire in the lead). Near the end of the movie the male character drops down on his knees and begs Her to be Her servant forever. “I will do whatever you demand of me,” he says. It still sends shivers down my spine and I guess that scene changed everything for me. So Karin, somehow, was inevitable 🙂

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