1. Jacco

    Ooohh… the posterior. Fundament-al you might say. Now everywhere I go I focus on female buttocks. And usually worship springs to mind. But usually ‘clean worship’, as you describe.

    However, there are times when I see a rear end that is so extremely incredible, so round & firm & gravity defying… particularly if the long limbs its fulsome perfection is powering end in lethal stilleto heels… that clean worship wouldn’t do it justice.

    In these exceptional, but by no means unheard of situations, I think in terms of the ‘Golden Ticket’.

    That is, what I wouldn’t give to be in possession of the Golden Ticket that admits me into the Chocolate Factory.

    And I would eat & be sick & eat still.

    Because a beautiful rose has it’s fresh petals, & this is praised by the world.

    But men like US, we of course also desire the thorns…

    AND… at times, the rich filth in which the roots reside!

    • Thank you for yet another lovely comment, Jacco, I loved it!
      Chocolate Factory, hahaha, that’s quite lovely.
      You’re a connoisseur, a gastronome, I can tell, hehehe.

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