1. Jacco

    These are brilliant illustrations, & he gets it just right with the clothing. People who don’t get Femdom would probably think ‘but, how come the women have got clothes on?’ Not realising that costume accentuates the attractivness of the woman, communicates her authority.

    I have two paperback copies of VIF, one that I got in the early 2000s with a Klimt portrait on the cover & an edition published in 1965, with retro sixties illustrations all through it by one Diane Hillier. BUT… this edition doesn’t only contain VIF, but also a more obscure short story by the same author, called ‘The Black Czarina’. You can guess the theme!

    What an honour to have a sexual identity named after you. In my view, the phrase ‘female masochism’ is an oxymoron, because Sacher-Masoch’s universe dealt only with erotically submissive males, & of course it’s from his name that the term derives!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful artwork Jan. I actually feel quite inspired. I have a virginal sketch pad that I might have to dig out!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment and (needless to say) I totally agree with you on the clothing.
      That’s why so many alleged Femdom sites puzzle me, because some of these Ladies are naked within minutes. A rather onorthodox way to show your authority, I would say.

      And yes, to have a sexual identity named after that, how awesome is that! Well, he managed to do so and his name will be remembered forever. So cool!

      This kinda artwork IS inspiring, isn’t it? Just looking at it gives you new ideas and the urge to do something.
      So I would say: start digging! 🙂 🙂

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