1. Jacco

    Hi Jan, I think people have different needs & then there’s a human tendency to universalise & say “mine’s the only true way, you’re wrong”. Of course ‘relationship’ doesn’t just mean romantic coupling, a worker & a boss is a relationship, a customer & a staff member is a relationship & so on. A woman’s brisk tone may quite unintentionally nourish a submissive male’s deep seated emotional need quite automatically, & I don’t see how any ‘thought crime’ is being committed if this is the case. To us it’s like receiving a sweet smile. I think some people may posit the first definition you gave as the only legitimate way as a bit of a respectability plea, to me this is smug & narrow. The nature of the erotic imagination is free flowing & defies any such reductionism. I suspect however that they’re trying to rid themselves of any guilt traces they have from their own conditioning.
    The third definition I disagree with because I think there are some women, just like some men, who instinctively feel like being in control.
    BTW Jan, it’s good to have you back, sir. I couldn’t get onto your site for a few days & just got the deathly white screen, I was starting to worry! 🙂

    • Thank you Jacco, for your comment, and yes: glad to be back. Had some pretty nerve-wrecking days, haha.
      The blog was like a cork in an ocean gail: sometimes it surfaced for a couple of hours, then it disappeared again.
      Server problems, as far as I know.

      I only gave three possible definitions of the word Femdom, but there are more, haha. The more I read about it, the more opinions I find.
      I think it’s weird that there’s so much debate about even the simplest of words: Femdom.
      And as I wrote: Female Supremacy is even more confusing.
      There’s no consensus about anything, really. And I think that’s strange, because how can we ever discus the future of Female Supremacy, Matriarchy or Female Led Society if we all have a different interpretation of these words. It would save us a lot of time and confusion if we agreed on the terminology, I think.

      • Jacco

        Yeah, semantics are a minefield. I’ve been in conversations where you find everyone is at cross purposes because the same word will have various interpretations. We’re not even discussing the same thing from the start so the whole thing becomes a frustrating shambles!
        At least the burning tingle one gets from being Femdommed is beyond language anyway. It’s interesting to intellectualize it afterwards, but at the time you’re just in the moment, feeling it!

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