1. Jacco

    Thanks Jan, when I see a sternly attractive lady I often picture myself waking up, groggily opening my eyes with her standing over me. I imagine her face gradually coming into focus.

    Then comes the interrogation!

    • Oh yessss, that’s the mother of all fantasies, isn’t it.
      Grabbed from the streets somewhere and put to sleep with chloroform. Waking up, not knowing where you are.
      You’re tied to a chair, you can’t move. You’re struggling to keep your eyes open and everything seems to be out of focus.
      You hear the sound of boots, far away in the distance at first and a voice reaching out to you from the darkness.
      It’s a Woman’s voice. There’s a figure standing in front of you, blurry at first and then everything comes into to focus.
      You don’t quite understand what She’s saying, all you can hear are tiny bits and fragments.
      About the truth coming out and the word torture, you can clearly hear that one.
      And then, as the sun rises in your head, the terrifying truth dawns on you: She’s going to interrogate you 🙂

      • Jacco

        I also like the idea of an arranged street mugging by mean girls. Though it would have to be in a very discrete place to prevent well-meaning members of the public intervening or calling the police, thus spoiling the fun!

        • Hahaha that’s quite a hilarious thought really: finally, after years and years of hoping and praying, your day has come. You’re assaulted by a group of ultra beautiful Women. God, you can’t believe your luck. Yes, you can hear a siren in the distance, but you think nothing of it. You have your own Sirens to deal with. But it turns out the cops are coming to rescue you. Bummer! Hahaha.

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