1. Jacco

    Oh, thanks once again Jan because, speaking of which, have a cute manager who is usually really chilled out but today I think I might have been over the line with the cheeky banter because she said (jokily) something like “who’s in charge here?” Then, soon after, reprimanded me for having snacks at my desk & there was none of the usual wry smile. Her face & tone had a genuinely hard edge. It’s particularly impacting because she’s usually got such a friendly, non authoritarian style… & we are workplace friends. I got that old ripple… sort of uncomfortable but exciting at the same time.

    Problem is… It makes me want to push it further, which in this particular instance probably isn’t the best idea!

    • Oh, that’s quite thrilling Jacco, you lucky swine 😉 😉
      And I certainly recognise myself in your doubts about what to do next. I’ve been in similar situations myself over the years and I’ve never managed to control myself. I didn’t want to be the guy who’d worked with a real dominant Lady for God knows how long, without realising it. So I pushed my luck, made quasi funny remarks about it and stuff. The result was almost always disastrous: I shunned them away from me. Quite sad, really.

      • Jacco

        It’s a gamble. If it goes wrong you screw up your work life by ending up with a female colleague who’s neither your dominant goddess nor your workplace pal either.
        I think it’s best to test the waters with women who you come into contact with but in a situation where there’s not as much vested in the interaction as your job. Of course, those situations don’t present themselves every day (unless one visits Dommes, which is, for various reasons, impractical for me, certainly at this stage in my life).

        This is why my sub-nature is constantly scanning the horizon for abrupt, fierce or sarky waitresses, shopkeepers, hairdressers, (opticians!!)

        But everyone’s just so frustratingly NICE!!


        • Yes, I do agree with you, at least that’s the hard lesson I’ve learned over the years.
          Tensions at work are a nuisance, especially when it’s you that caused it.
          But as you said: we’re always scanning the horizon, unconsciously almost.
          I’ve prepared two posts on colleagues, true stories, one worked out miraculously well, the other…well….not really.
          Why, oh why, can’t we work in FemComs (Femdom Companies) 🙂 🙂

    • I absolutely agree with that. But I’m not convinced of the long lasting effect if a training lasts no more than a couple of hours or days.
      Sooner or later these trainees will return to their old habits, because men will be men.
      That’s why I love the idea of a D/s lifestyle so much, you see 🙂 🙂

      • Christinesixteen

        I did. It encapsulates the present situation in much of modern society perfectly..like the script to the original promo film for the OWK. Modern men no longer aspire to Gentlemen and a Superior Female Society is required to address this,.it would also serve as form and direction to many of todays younger Women who sadly (pardon the pun) “ape” thier male counterparts in behaviour, lack of education self respect and personal manners and appearance.

        • My thoughts exactly! The Women who have made it to the top (in politics for example), did so by copying their male counterparts.
          It is perhaps – sadly enough – still the only way to earn the respect of these male counterparts and the constituents.
          These Women are not exactly role models for a Female Led Society, far from it I would say. They’re are just men in skirts, Rambo’s on heels.
          This is not restricted to politics, it happens in all levels of society.

          But copying the behaviour and manners of the dominant species is just a phase we have to go through, I think.
          Sooner or later Women will find their own voice, gain confidence and – hopefully – take responsibility.
          The male approach is disastrous and sooner or later Women will realise that.

  2. Christinesixteen

    Beautifully put jan. Sadly whilst the battle at least has fully began in the West ( and supported by the sort of work you tirelessly do and that is so greatly appreciated)- and some parts of Russia and East Asia, there are huge tracts of other cultures where there is so much to do. Would it not be great to one day have images of Middle Eastern and African sisters triumphant over their knuckle dragging persecutors?

    • Yes, you’re absolutely right of course, it’s happening here, not there (yet).
      I’ve collected (and read) a lot of books on the early suffragettes movement. Man, what a courage these Women had!
      It all started very local and with just a handful of Women. It was a long and hard fought battle, but they persisted. And against all odds they achieved the impossible.
      Big changes in our society have to start somewhere. It’s like throwing a pebble in a pond. It’s not the pebble that makes the change, it’s the ripples.
      We’ll get there in time, all it takes is someone to throw the pebble.

      • Christinesixteen

        Indeed jan. And at last my city where so much began, is at last erecting a statue of local Sufferagette pioneer Emmaline Pankhurst. She will be the only other Female statue apart from Queen Victoria in the whole place. Only 100 years late!. However, I belive real progress will be acknowledged when they put up a statue to that other local girl of your latest post:- Mistress Jadee. Then we will know society is really progressing.

        • Oh, that would be something, wouldn’t it?
          As far as I can tell Germany is way ahead of everyone, I’ve even seen professional Mistresses in prime-time talkshows on national television.
          They seem genuinely interested and they treat is an option, an alternative.
          I think that’s a huge, huge step, because to the average man and Woman in the street Female Domination is still just a sex game.
          We can’t blame them for that, the Internet (including Google) reinforces that prejudice.

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