1. Paul

    An interesting long article about the OWK is the following:


    In the article also some interesting psychological and sociological observations.

    Fact is that the OWK location closed in 2008. According to Wikipedia it was started by men as a commercial Enterprise. A bdsm/femdom brothel more or less. The location was not sucesfull and it seems that the only goal was making money with bdsm movies with the femdom theme.

    • Thank you Paul, for the lovely link, it’s much appreciated.
      It’s true, the founding fathers of the OWK were men, not Women.
      I wouldn’t say it was a brothel, because that implies it was all about sex. Thank God they were above that and I honestly think they tried to make it work.
      No, it was not for free, but I paid $550 per DAY back then, which is absolutely nothing compared to session rates of other Mistresses (then and now).

      As I wrote in my earlier post in April 2015: I for one thank them for trying to take Female Supremacy to the next level. It failed and I’m quite sure there will be no second attempt, not in our lifetime. Maybe we have to accept the fact that Femdom is a million dollar business and for that reason alone any initiative to create a Female-Led-Society is doomed to fail. I truly hope I’m wrong and I truly hope things will get better in the future, but I doubt it.
      Anyway, thank you again for the interesting link 🙂

  2. Jacco

    I’d say there are pockets of society that are female dominated, if you find yourself in an environment with a forceful female boss, then that becomes your world!

    • Haha, yes, that’s true of course. With only one minor difference as far as I’m concerned: being bossy at work doesn’t necessarily mean being bossy at home.
      Liesbeth was one of the bossiest managers I had the pleasure to work with, and yet She was a very loving and hardworking housewife as well.
      So being bossy and being dominant are not the same thing.
      But you’re right: we must treasure the little things in life and we should never stop dreaming.

    • Yes indeed, they were probably the most popular Madame’s at the time.
      I’ve served Madame Sarka for many years and Madame Christine was one of Her friends, so I’ve met Her as well on many, many different occasions.
      I still treasure those years, unforgettable really.

  3. Christinesixteen

    Well……utmost respect due to you jan, for being a true OWK vetran and someone who endured Madame Sarka – this actually explains a great deal about your insights. Is it indeed then an established fact the OWK was began by males? ( how saddening to realise) I supppose it explains the silly Patriarchal name ‘King’ dom and the fact ‘Queen’ Patricia was never physically seen..although i recall a BBC documentary in the ’90’s about a London couple who travelled there together – on a motorcycle too..(but not an old British one..so it doesn’t count…ahem.. pet obsession of mine!) Anyhow, the Mistress of the couple stated She had seen Queen Patricia,( the First) and She exisited, was indeed English, but was was a rather portly Woman!…..so…the mystery deepens. As for a true Female Supremacist Society..maybe it’s a lot nearer then we think, as we know it is what lies in many mens hearts, and good sane exposure to it can only help bring the realisation to many who were unaware of what lies deep within them ever nearer. Look for example at the Gay and Transgender issues, we now have regularly in the mainstream media with positive representation. (The gorgeous Paris Lees being a panelist on a serious political discussion programme such as Question Time for example), it only takes a real Domme to make a similar case for equal inclusion and hey presto..we could be well on the way to a regular platform for a much nicer safer saner planet. BTW that guy from Seatle who couldn’t go through with the OWK.it.wasn’t that excellent Englishman in exile.. ‘Paltego’ of Femdom Resource was it? ( only kidding!). .PS. you really must spill the beans on your servitute to Madame Sarka sometime, I’m sure it will be of immense delectation to your regular readers.

    • Thank you so much for yet another lovely comment.
      It’s true, Madame Sarka taught me everything there is to know. Not only did I learn (with a firm hand I might add, haha) about servitude and what it’s like to be a 24/7, She was also very open about things. She told me about life at the OWK, the little drama’s behind the scenes, the pro’s and cons of the business and the supposedly submissive men She had to deal with each and every day. I’ve spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours on writing texts, creating banners, advertising etc. for Her. She allowed me to see it all (including making movies, doing photoshoots etc) and I’m still immensely grateful for that.
      Haha, much of the things I write about on this blog are actually based on that period. So I’m spilling beans as I go along.

      Right now it’s still every Mistress for Herself, and more Mistresses means more competition. It brings everything to a standstill. We need visionairs, I suppose, people who see the bigger picture and who’re willing to make a change. Or at least people who’re willing to give it a try. It’s not going to be easy (nor should it be), because there’s hardly any consensus about anything. It’s a fascinating subject though, and I wished there we more people willing to discus it. And I don’t mean what it would be like to live in a Female Led Society, but how to get there, how the solve the many problems and obstacles that stand in our way.

  4. Christinesixteen

    jan, there’s a book in you – it must be published!( I for one very much would lovew to read it!)
    I understand that generating concensus with a lot of Mistresses as we have at present is a little like herding cats, the journey is indeed important – an army follows a flag and a drumbeat, a credible ‘colour party’ is needed to hoist and rally.

    • Haha, well, you must be clairvoyant, because I’ve been thinking about that for quite some time. Maybe you’re right, maybe I should set myself the challenge of writing it all down. Not because I’ve got all the answers (I certainly don’t), but in the hope it inspires others and opens up the debat.

      The only thing that holds me back a bit is the fact that English is not my native language. And it’s quite a leap from writing a post to writing a book! So, should I decide to give it a try, then I’ll need some trustworthy people to go through the texts. Finding them is not as easy as it sounds; the Internet is so fucked up and I often wonder if there’s enough space in Cyberspace for honesty at all! So that may well be a challenge within a challenge, haha. But that’s step 2 of course. First I have to decide if I’ve got something meaningful to contribute. Mmmmm, your comment certainly triggered something, that’s for sure.

      • Christinesixteen

        Well I have both written myself and proof read and helped edit others works in the past, though these have been mainly specific topic historical and also architectural papers for professional journals….(a combination of personal interest and professional requirement), so I could always cast an eye over any first drafts you may produce someday. Regards C.

        • Thank you very much for your offer, I will absolutely keep that in mind.
          Historical you say, now that’s very, very interesting. I’m a real history freak and amazon.co.uk is some sort of second home for me, haha. I also write extensively (different website) about my ancestors. Anyway, don’t get me started, because there’s a real risk that I can’t shut up anymore, haha, so thank you again for your offer. I will keep you posted.

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