1. Tim

    As I sit here in the 21st century one thing is very clear to men! Women rule everything! I see nothing wrong with this! Men have been leading for some time and look what’s happened! A big mess. Women today are the superior sex and will be forever. Examples most are guys are afraid to speak out against their girlfriends or wives. If they do they get beaten up. Women are way stronger smarter and should be the superior sex. They should be worshipped. We guys are nothing without them. Women could survive without us but we can’t survive without them. Women should control the money. They make better decisions. Physically women are gaining on men in a few years will surpass men completely. While the man sits at home playing video games women are studying and getting fit. I applaud all the women out their that have taken control. But more women need to take over. In the future men should have no rights and complete slaves to women. Women is the superior sex and should be worshipped!

    • Thank you Tim, for your excellent comment. I agree with each and every word you wrote! I don’t believe in equality, I believe in male slavery. Not as a sexual game, not one hour a week, but 24/7 servitude. Women are natural born leaders in a way.
      Today, sadly enough, far more men than Women believe in that, so I truly hope things will change in time. It may take a generation or two, but the time is about ripe to change the relationship between men and Women forever. I’m ready, you’re ready, all it takes is more Women to step to the plate.

      • Anonymous

        You are soooo right Jan! I believe in total female supremacy! Guys can’t be trusted, screw up things, have no back bone and just plain weak! I’m a straight man saying this. I look at women as real leaders, heroes. All the role models I have is women in sports or business or anything else. I try to promote the female agenda anytime. You ladies have waited a long time for this. It’s time for a femdom world! I truly hope women rise up in less than 10 years to do this. All the wrong man has done to women is about to catch up. I’m so sorry for what man has done to you. It is inevitable that women will rule I’m so happy women will take over! Real rulers will come forth. No power for guys. You women should control everything making sure that men will never again even have any rights. I am totally excited for ladies like you Jan who should rule!

        • Hi Tim, thank you for you excellent comment, it’s so good to hear that you support the idea of Female Supremacy.
          Unfortunately there are still more male- than Female believers right now, but I do hope that’s going to change in the future.
          Intelligent and strong Women in business or politics are widely accepted, but that’s still a far cry from Female Superiority. Let alone male slavery.
          So the question is really, if Women are satisfied with equality (they had to fight so long and hard for that), or if they want more. Only time will tell, as the saying goes 🙂

  2. Jacco

    It makes sense to me because women have always been authority figures. From teachers to managers. I’d much rather take orders from a woman.

    The conversation between Tom, Dick and Harry sounds like a wannabee-sub version of the sort of chat a lot of single men spout, self-congratulating themselves out of any kind of union!

    It was effective to put pics 11 & 12 together. Pretty-in-pink, tender-looking but not tender acting, crouching on her subject, then imperious upright sinister black!

    Thanks once again!

    • Thank you Jacco 🙂 I’ve worked with several Female managers and it’s fair to say they were more demanding than most male managers. But I love being pushed to (and over) the limits, so I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Not that it made me feel submissive (or more submissive better said), but because they were extremely good at their jobs and I’ve learned so much from them.
      God, if I could only work my ass off in a Femdom Company, with intelligent, strong and strict Women in charge. Maybe in the next life, who knows….

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