1. Jacco

    I like enforced Femdom fantasies involving attacks from strangers, I’ve had home invasion Femdom scenarios before… maybe a man testifies against a girl gang & they pay him a visit, or he gives some yobettes a ticking off about their behaviour in the street, little does he know they follow him home…

    The only thing is the strap on, that’s still not something I’m sold on. In my scenarios I just get a good solid beatdown, maybe garnished some insalubrious bodily fluids! But I do appreciate that it’s a very popular theme in Femdom, & it makes sense, theoretically! Who knows, maybe they idea will work it’s way in there, do to speak!

    Thanks for your prolificness Jan!

    • Forced Femdom is my number one fantasy to be honest. I’ve written a lot of stories over the years, and 95% of them are about Forced Femdom. It makes the Ladies even more powerful and the victims even more helpless. Also: it adds more credibility to Female Domination (or Superiority), I think.
      The strap on is not on my shortlist either, but I do love the humiliating and degrading aspects of it. So I keep an open mind (and a closed ass) to it 🙂 🙂

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