1. Jacco

    It’s great the way that just about any field of interest can have it’s equivalent of ‘oldschool’. Whether it be retro music, sporting greats of yesteryear, or vintage Femdom. Just like any special interest group, we have a history! 🙂

    • Oh yes indeed! And the longer we travel through time, the larger that suitcase of memories becomes.
      I love it, the people we once were, the hidden, secret stories we carry with us.

    • Yes indeed! And how does She look back on those days?
      That picture is about 40 years old, I think, so She must be in Her sixties now.
      Time is probably the most merciless Bitch of all, because once She was worshipped by many. And now She’s probably a loving grandmother somewhere.
      Does She look back on those days, I wonder, or has She forgotten all about it?

      • Christinesixteen

        I continue to live in hope,(and from observation) that people everywhere are staying a lot more attractive and sexy well in to almost ‘old’ age. It may be a combination of cosmetic medical procedure, lifestyle, medications, healthy eating excersice and career fulfilment,or simply a determination that generations will not grow old wizzened & worn down like their forebears. Money does make a difference of course, the worst off in society financially still tend to be the obese poorly dressed least intelligent & unhealthy, living in rather soul destroying areas with little prospects and as a result, least attractive – some of them from the outset. ( A nice Fem Dom led society and ‘Camp system’ would soon make use of this pool and put this right of course ) I like to think there are gorgeous haughty Dommes out there still gorgeous and worshipped as long as they choose to remain so. PS – wasn’t there a Domme in France stil practising well in to her 80’s?

        • Oh yes, I totally agree with you on that. And we must not forget that men provided the sole income for the family. If he became ill, old or even worse: lost his job, the entire family plunged into poverty. There were no safety nets and it’s the hard work and that relentless pressure that made them look so old. And the Women were responsible for the household. Even in the early 20th century it took them on average 14 hours a day to do all the work (till late in the 19th century doing the laundry took four backbreaking days). So both men and Women worked incredibly long hours. No wonder they looked aged so early in life.
          All that has changed (in western societies that is) and so you’re right: we age very differently.

          Haha, no, I never heard about the French Domme. Grandma Getting Grumpy 🙂 🙂

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