1. Jacco

    Good to have you back Jan! Who knows what this year will bring, what infernal Goddesses might possibly, oh I do hope, decend to deliciously trample our souls!!

    I was thinking over this Christmas break actually, do you think (& I know I can be a bit fanciful but bare with me..) do you think it’s possible to send out subliminal, even kind of psychic, sub signals?

    For instance, say I approach a woman at a shop counter. I wonder if it’s possible to somehow evoke a darker side of the woman’s nature, whereby she instinctively has the urge to be dominant, dismissive, sarcastic, impatient etc, just by my focusing on a victim mindset?

    It’s about 20 yrs since I first felt sub stirrings & some of it was aroused by such treatment by female receptionists, waitresses, hairdressers (one very special optician that I will tell you about) even cheeky girls my own age cat calling me in the street. Thing is, now I’m all grown up I am received more respectfully. This is often good, but not always where encounters with women are concerned!

    So do you think it is potentially possible to learn to communicate subliminal sub signals that bring out the Dom? I’d love to hear if there are any theories as to techniques!

    Anyway, good to read your words again sir. Here’s to the Sub’s Sixteen!

    • Hello Jacco, glad to have you back as well, my friend. And with a very intriguing question!!

      Children and drunks are the only honest people in the world, they say. And I think that’s true. As we grow older we learn to hide, or even suppress, our inner selves, afraid of being judged by others. It happens unconsciously, I think, we all wear masks from time to time (probably most of the time).

      When I told my family and friends about my submissive feelings, they struggled to believe it. Because I’m self-confident, outgoing and astute. More importantly: I do things my way and I’m not afraid to go against the tide. So to my friends I was anything but submissive, haha. Now, these are certainly not all defence mechanisms, but I’m very sure it makes it nearly impossible for Women to see through all that.

      So it all comes down to how we present ourselves, I think. If we allow ourselves to be shy, a bit nervous perhaps, looking away as soon as there’s eye-contact, then all that sends a strong signal. Not of self-confidence, but of vulnerability. Or weakness, if you like. It opens a door and invites the other the step in. Some (probably most) won’t, but who knows: some might. Interesting theory and I for one am willing to give it a try 🙂 But who knows; maybe I’m completely wrong about this, haha. It would be very interesting to hear it from a Woman’s perspective!

      • Jacco

        I suppose one idea would be to look up one of those ‘guy’s guide to alpha body language’ things, & then just do the opposite!

        I’m going to follow my instincts though, & do a bit of experimenting in this area this year..!

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