1. Jacco

    I like that thing of being naked while the woman is dressed, (even if it’s only just dressed!)
    Makes me wonder what the stories could be for some of these, like the last one, he owes money so the heavies (or HOT n’ heavies) call round & drag him out the shower!

    BTW Jan, a while back we were talking about Femdom barbers… you said you were going for a haircut! Anything to report? Did she have Dom potential?

    • Oh yes! I’ve spent many hours in the company of a Mistress and the first thing She always said when we arrived home was: STRIP. Haha, awesome. I never once sat on a chair or coach during those years, I was always on the floor, naked and all. Beautiful days!

      The haircut was a massive disappointment. One of the Girls working there is just thrilling, because She’s not afraid to argue (with the customer). “That’s just nonsense,” She once said, after listening to one of my shaky arguments. She was there alright, but someone else cut my hair that day. Very, very disappointing, haha.

      • Jacco

        Oh I know that one! When you’re sitting waiting in line for one of the haircuts to finish so you can get in the chair, and you’re willing a particular woman to complete the job first so you can be next with her, and you get the wrong one! Same thing in line at the bank, or even at the doctor’s, when the receptionist allocates you the appointment with the next available doc. I always hope it’ll be a female one because I’ve seen some striking ones in the past and it turns a chore into a pleasure!

        It’s a lucky dip, or maybe I should say Russian Roulette, as I like a harsh impact!

        With the haircut though, if you know your favourite woman’s name I suppose you could maybe book with her specifically, I mean I’ve heard of people doing that & saying on the phone “I like the way she cut it last time”.

        I leave it to fate though. But yes, “that’s nonsense” is actually hot. I love being talked back to like that by women, bad customer service is good customer service!

        Years ago I was rummaging through the drinks chiller in a local shop & the girl said something like “you are going to tidy up after yourself, aren’t you?” So cute!

        • Yes exactly! Waiting, hoping and waiting a bit more and then the wrong one starts mowing your hair. Bummer! Oh sure, it’s perfectly normal to ask for a specific Lady, but as you said: the thrill of not knowing is also very rewarding. I love the unexpected, having to go with the flow. Because you never know: maybe one of the others is even more thrilling 🙂 Thank God they don’t know what’s going on in my dirty mind, hahaha

  2. Paul

    Does any one know what happened to the blonde UK Mistress Elise? She was also a specialist in ballbusting. But I can not find a website anymore. Did she stop as a Mistress or got problems because of stricter rules?

    Thanks for reply.

    • Hi Paul, thanks for the comment. Your timing is impeccable, because I wanted to write something about Her a few days ago, but indeed Her “website” is gone.
      So I searched the forums for more information and came across this: “The reason Mistress Elise is not easily findable at the moment is that she is on a sabbatical of her choosing. Hopefully she will be back soon.” It’s written two months ago. If it’s true or not is impossible to say of course, but at least there’s hope 🙂

      • Paul

        Hello Jan,

        Thank you for the information. Her name is been used by several other ladies unfortunately, but the blonde Mistress Elise cannot be mistaken. I thought she might have started a family, since a woman like that can have ten men on each finger.

        I found some snapshots of dvd’s where she was practising ballbusting… outch!!! I also remembered that you wrote about her before, quite some time ago. We will see what she will do and otherwise I wish her the best. A nice family would be good for her too of course.


        • Hi Paul, you’re right; quite a few Ladies retire because they’re about to raise a family. Should that be the case, then it’s going to be one hell of sabbatical, hehe. We’ll just have to wait and see. There’s still a little bit of hope, but we should prepare ourselves for the worst, I think. Her Clips4sale page is gone as well, now why would you do that if you’re about to take a sabbatical? That doesn’t make sense.
          You have a good memory, because indeed I wrote something about Her quite some time ago. I’m going to do it again, either to celebrate Her comeback, or as a tribute 🙂

          • Paul

            Exactly, most of the traces of her on the internet have been removed. So that is remarkable. Most likely she found a husband with enough income/wealth. Not a problem for her..Another small chance is that she won the lotery. So probably it will be a tribute to her.



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