• Thank you for the comment again 🙂 As said, I’m not an eyewitness, but as far as I know it’s quite a lovely ceremony, with witnesses, pen and paper 🙂 🙂

  1. Jacco

    I suppose one could sign in blood & spunk if wished, that’s what’s really happening symbolically so could be literally! I think it’s really up to the erotic needs of the participants. No. 18 is a beautiful Femdom document Jan. Interesting in that it’s a Femdom image that doesn’t involve pictures of people, but still evokes all manner of kinky stimulation when looked at!

    • Yes, I agree, it probably differs from person to person. A slave contract is like a recognition of some sorts, signing it is also a sign of trust. I love that idea. A highlight in a slave’s life, as far as I’m concerned. In ink, blood or spunk, it’s all gorgeous 🙂

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