1. Jacco

    Thank you so much Jan, she’s amazing!

    For 20 yrs now I’ve had this obsession, whenever I see a woman in a squatting position I feel like lying on one of those wheeled boards that mechanics use and sliding myself under there!

    I only just found out that that object is known as… a ‘creeper’! Haha, seems quite apt!

    Or, ‘a tool used by auto mechanics, a wheeled, low profile platform where one may lie supine, & gain better access to the underbody’.


    • Hahaha, I love that: a creeper! So when you manage to get under Her and She starts facesitting the living daylights out of you, you can honestly say: from creeper to sleeper.
      Lovely idea, I never thought of that. A dirty mind is a joy forever, I said it before and I say it again 🙂

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