1. Jacco

    This reminds me of my recent artwork activities… A couple of days ago I saw my ex who had treated me appallingly. She looked sexy. I hear she’s got a new boyfriend (who I’ve never seen) & I got home and was compelled to draw a picture, exploring a new theme.

    I drew a scene, where I was crawling on the floor, my clothes torn, blood streaming down my swollen, anguished face. My ex was standing over me triumphantly, dressed in the sexy outfit she was wearing that day with a sadistic, gleeful grin on her face.

    And at the side, just looming into the composition, was the cruel hard fist of her new man, stained with my blood.

    I wrote a caption: ‘The price I may pay for not being polite to *ex’s name*’

    Basically, I crossed a line in subject matter & depicted this awful ex setting her new boyfriend on me, & watching as he subjected me to a brutal beating.

    Kind of the reverse of the last post’s topic.

    Don’t know if it’s a popular masochistic scenario, but it reached the spot…

    • Thank you for sharing this, Jacco. Don’t know it’s a popular masochistic scenario, to be honest, but it’s certainly an original one, hehehe.

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