• She is very lovely, no question about it. I love most of Her clips, especially the ones with the shock device (as you said) and the ball busting ones. What a thrill to get rocked or kicked into smithereens by Her 🙂

  1. Jacco

    Jan, I appreciate what you’re saying. But I think I can understand why someone may get a buzz out of a cruel woman belittling their partner. I hope I’m not going to irritate you here! But within my fantasy ‘bubble’ I have played with this because it feeds a masochistic urge: the villainous woman hurts you by attacking someone you care about. And I am powerless to defend her.

    I wouldn’t want an actual situation that would cause my partner (or anyone) to be degraded against their will! But I have to admit that I do get a surge of excitement when a girlfriend has conflict with another woman. Though that’s because I sense ‘catfight’ which is another matter & drifting off topic!

    But yeah, I have heard of couples sometimes visiting a Mistress together, to be subjugated together? Not that I know much about this, but it is an idea that I find quite interesting.

    • Hi Jacco, thank for your comment again. Well, for once we disagree with each other, hehehe. That’s no problem, we’re free to have our own opinions. I’m pretty sure lots and lots of subs will agree with you. Anything goes nowadays, I guess, which probably means there’s worse to come. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand this at all. This clip targets all Women who’re not dominant (or submissive for that matter). They’re ridiculed against their will. How anyone can find that exiting and acceptable, is beyond me. But I’m a lonely wolf, I’m sure, most subs will agree with you.

      • Jacco

        Well, tbh if I think of the times when I’ve fantasised about a partner being humiliated by a badass woman, it’s always been retrospective I think. After we’ve split up on often less than great terms. So maybe it was something to do with feeling sore!

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