1. Jacco

    When I was still quite young & naive I answered a job ad asking for a ‘domestic assistant’, hoping it would involve making cups of tea & suchlike. When I got into the interview room a fleshly lady began to ask me how I would manage when faced with a less than pristine toilet, as that was what the job involved.

    The woman’s words began to work on me during the bus ride home, and although I didn’t end up in employment as a hospital cleaner, I began to scribble lines in my top secret notebook when I got home. It was a long time ago, but I think the little story involved me getting drugged unconscious (being a hospital there were such substances) in the interview room & waking up on the floor in front of the interviewer’s OWN toilet with her standing over me, ordering me to get to work!

    It’s great when unforseen, seemingly mundane experiences spark the masochistic erotic imagination, do you find that happening too? We have a skill of often being able to turn a ‘bad’ experience into a source of enjoyment, just so long as there’s a woman there!

    I’m so bad I’m the sort of man who’ll tip a waitress more generously the more unfriendly she is! 😉

    • Jacco

      Bingo. Just after writing this I wondered when the next ‘spark’ will happen, thinking it’s been a while & I’d like to knock together a short story. Then what should happen? Sitting in the bar just now & I get a dose of totally unprovoked mockery from a cheeky, pint – sized, flame – haired newbie student girl. Now if I grossly exaggerate the incident she should make a great character!

    • Thank you for the lovely comments again, Jacco. I know exactly what you mean. I always do my shoppings in a rather small supermarket near my house. One of the (many) students who works there is good looking, with a smile that could melt an ice sheet and who’s working behind the cigarette counter. She’s friendly allright, but there’s arrogance in Her eyes as well and She can be rather impatient with me. A couple of weeks ago She snapped at me for dragging my feet. What a lovely Girl! She really makes my day, week, month 🙂

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