1. Jacco

    No. 15 reminds me of an incredible character from a comic I bought in 2001. A guy bursts into a gangster’s lair seeking revenge for the death of his pops. A girl who looks & is attired very similarly to that one is hanging about. Assuming she’s just some kind of gangster’s moll he rather dismissively tells her ‘you oughtta get yo’ fine Chun Li ass outta here’.
    Ironic, as she does in fact turn out to be an expert Kung Fu fighter.

    And she most certainly does NOT leave.
    What follows are five pages of the most savage, blood soaked violence that I think I’ve ever seen in a comic book as the girl, Tommi, subjects the poor guy to a very nearly fatal beating!

    If you can possibly track it down it’s 100 Bullets, No. 18., and I would certainly recommend it!

    • Thanks Jacco, super! I’ve searched for the comic on the Net just now and found two pages (panels). Blimey, she really beats the crap out of him, lovely!
      One of former colleagues had a black belt in taekwondo. He had his own gym of some sorts and was a qualified taekwondo teacher. He went to South Korea several times to train with the best of the best. I’ll never forget his words after his very first trip. He told us the Korean teachers recognised he was a popular fighter in my country, but they wanted him to fight with several teenage girls first. He felt a bit embarrassed by it, but he’d travelled all the way down there to learn a thing or two, so he didn’t argue. He didn’t stand a chance, he told us, one Girl after another kicked the shit out of him. This is not an erotic fantasy or anything, it’s a true story. Meeting an awesome Lady like that, even just talking to Her a bit, would be a dream come true 🙂

      • Jacco

        That’s a sublime anecdote!

        As for the comic, I googled it again and there’s a bit more about it online than there was a year or two ago. I was quite surprised to see that somebody was actually praising that scene as one of the more enlightened moments of the comic from a gender studies perspective!

        Basically it was saying that the woman is dismissed initially, by the protagonist and probably the reader too, as just being kept as eye-candy. Then, we see this kickass bodyguard is far from that!

        This got me thinking. I’ve always held that Femdom doesn’t ‘objectify’ women. These women are not degraded into passive, emotionless objects. Anything but!

        The women of my fantasies aren’t pieces of meat. If they were presented like that it wouldn’t work. The women of my dreams are dynamic. Embodying individuality and attitude, mystery and mystique. They are forceful, kinetic and zesty.

        Even your above comment: ‘meeting an awesome Lady like that, even just talking to Her a bit, would be a dream come true’ says it all.

        I mean, on how many ‘porn’ sites would a fellow say that? It’s particular to Femdom. We are interested in the women as people.

        I personally think Femdom tends to appeal usually to the more cerebral and decent gentleman. It is a predilection of the poetic soul. 🙂

        • Thanks again Jacco, for a lovely comment. I’ve met quite a few dedicated, submissive men in real life and they were all very pleasant and decent people. Gentleman like. The same goes for the Mistresses I’ve met, who were charming, witty, intelligent and elegant. A far cry from what you see on Femdom sites, I should say.

          So yes, I totally agree with your comment. I wanted to share my thoughts about Femdom on the internet with you in this comment, but finding the right words turns out to be too much of a challenge, hahaha. So I’ll get back to that later.

    • Thank You Mistress, for Your comment, it’s much appreciated.
      Well, one can’t go wrong with pictures of Asian Mistresses really. It’s beauty beyond words, devotion beyond belief.
      Of all the fine Mistresses in the world, the Asian Ladies can rattle my teeth like nothing else.

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