1. Jacco

    Hahaaa! Well, I don’t know about being ‘teenie weenie’ *ahem* but upon reflection, I do like the whole power relations thing of being starkers with a clothed woman, hopefully a smart suit or uniform, looking me up and down like I’m some specimen. Maybe a group of them, sneering away.

    I’m grateful to you for always causing me to consider elements to Femdom that I’d not considered! 🙂

    • Hehehe, I’m don’t have any experience with this as well..thank God, I would say.
      But I do remember the first couple of minutes of my very first session. I was standing in front of two Mistresses and their eyes were all over me. They ordered me to open my mouth, walked round and round me and squeezed my arms, belly and butt. They were not impressed, and they told me so over and over again. It was so humiliating! So I think it must be something like that when a Mistress spots a teenie weenie, hahaha. Yes, it takes a lot of balls to be a slave, that’s for sure 🙂

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