1. Jacco

    What you say here is so true. I always automatically respond to dominant body language. If a woman stands tall, hands in hips, mentally I’m at her feet.

    The final li’l minx sure doesn’t respect her elders does she? The age difference makes for a very strong impact. I’m at an age now that’s in the middle, I can be persecuted by a granite featured mature, 20 years older than me, or an impertinent upstart half my age!

    The first one actually sparked a memory of a scene I saw in a film many moons ago. I’ve not been able to trace it, it was an action movie in which a team of drug squad officers raid a house. They burst in, all vested up pointing guns, storming through the building. These tough guy criminals are getting dealt with swiftly.

    We see a cop burst in on one room to find a girl, naked apart from a black thong. The armoured cop approaches her to round her up with the other suspects. Suprisingly however, the girl, with lightening reflexes pounces on the agent, driving her fingernails into his face and raking his eyes, causing him to drop his gun. She wastes no time in then driving her knee into his abdomen, he doubles up and she pounds her fist into either the back of his head or maybe his neck. He hits the ground face first and she continues the punishing assault by giving him a good kicking.

    Luckily for him, a colleague at this point intervenes and saves him from the girl. She is arrested along with the rest of the gang, but that cop sure paid the price for underestimating her! XD

    Shame, cause she looked like she was one kick away from a lovely victory pose, if this had have happened it probably would have look similar to the scene in pic 1!

    Anyhow, I don’t know if this rings any bells, it may be an obscure movie. But that scene has stuck with me 20 years!

    Anyway, thanks v much for this. I particularly loved this one! 🙂

    • Jacco

      Except obviously our victim wouldn’t have been a painter & decorator..!
      BTW I think the girl in the film was Latino, with lots of lovely curly hair!

    • Hi Jacco, thank for the comment again. Oh dear, the long search for a movie, that sounds so familiar! I’m sorry to say it doesn’t ring any bells, and I’m sure I would’ve remember a scene like that. Do you know this site: wrongsideoftheart? It’s a bit of a long shot, but maybe, just maybe you’ll recognise the Girl on the movie poster or something. Worth a try, I would say. Besides, the site has many lovely, sleazy Female ass-kicking posters as well!

      • Jacco

        Thanks, I don’t think she was a major character in the film or anything, but thanks for that link anyway, it’s an interesting site!

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