1. Jacco

    I like the way you wrote from the female perspective this time. I’ve thought of writing a story like that, but not got round to it yet.

    I love panties. About 10 yrs ago when low rise jeans were the thing, I worked in a supermarket in a rough n’ ready, working-class neighbourhood and I couldn’t believe the sights. Underwear of all styles, colours and patterns poking out the backs of fit bodied housewives with hard, ‘don’t-fuck-with-me’ faces. I had some sick fantasies of what those women might do to me if they caught me let lecthing! Probably stuff their smelly drawers down my throat! Mmmmm…

    • I love to write from the Female perspective. A Mistress once ordered me to write a story like that about Her. After reading it She said: it’s almost frightening, you think like Me, speak like Me and act like Me. Which was a huge compliment I thought 🙂
      Unfortunately I get quite a lot of emails from slaves who think I’m a Mistress. God knows why. So writing posts from the Female perspective is not without certain risks, hahaha.

      Thank you for sharing the lovely panty story 🙂 I have no ida where my fetish for panties came from, to be honest.
      But a few weeks ago we talked about figuring out where and when things started. I told you I had still no idea where my love for shiny clothes came from. Well, believe it or not: I remember now! Found it! And I must confess it’s quite an unexpected “find” 🙂 🙂

      • Jacco

        So you took a shine to shine as a result of the beauty of shiny underwear? That makes sense. I like shiny clothes. As the Velvet Underground sing: ‘shiny shiny, shiny boots of leather!’

        • No, I’m sorry, I didn’t explain it correctly. What I was trying to say was: I finally remembered what started my fetish for shiny clothes. My love for panties however remains a mystery, but I’m confident I will get to bottom of that as well 🙂 🙂

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