1. Jacco

    She’s amazing! Some cold sneers in there… spit in the eye too. How fantastic. Love the ‘worm’s eye view’ shots (how appropriate for Femdom!) And the gun toting nurse is an interesting juxtaposition of images!

    Nice tribute. A toast to Miss Belle!

      • Rahul

        Hi, Saw Mistress Belle on womanworship.co.uk. She did few videos there and they were awesome.
        She really is awesome and was most amazing on that site too.
        It’s sad she retired. Definitely would have tried to have session to be under her.

        • Thanks for the comment and yes indeed: She was marvellous at Woman Worship as well.
          I guess she was marvellous wherever she went 🙂
          Yes, it’s a terrible shame she retired, she was sooooo amazing

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